First steps: Atlanta

While arriving in Atlanta Wednesday night (January 3, a few days later than originally planned) does mark the start of a pretty exciting new chapter in my life, I’m going to avoid waxing poetic about all that in favor of just talking about Atlanta so far.

I’m staying in an AirBnB condo near Peachtree Center in downtown Atlanta. The view from my 16th floor balcony is pretty neat!

Now for the important part: the food. Given that I don’t breakfast, I’ve had four meals since I arrived in the city.

First, there’s a Mexican restaurant called Porfirio’s in the same building as my AirBnB, so I figured I’d give it a shot. They had jambalaya on the lunch specials menu, and while that’s not a dish I associate with Mexican cuisine, neither were a lot of other items on the menu. I was right to be suspicious. What I received was grilled chicken, onions, and bell peppers in a very Italian red sauce with cayenne. Definitely not something I’d recognize as jambalaya. However, it turns out that chicken, onions, and peppers in a slightly spicy sauce are delicious, so it all worked out.


For dinner on Thursday I was craving Korean food, and a quick internet search led me to Kwan’s Deli and Korean Kitchen. It’s a pretty standard American soup and sandwich style deli that also has a small menu of Korean food. I ordered the bibimbap and some.kimchi and forgot to take a picture. The bibimbap was exactly what I was hoping for, but the kimchi wasn’t as spicy as I would have preferred. Still good.

For Friday lunch I figured I should dive into Atlanta cuisine: I ended up at StrikeOut Wings ATL for some lemon pepper wet. Incredible. I totally get the obsession now. It helped that the place made great crispy wings, but it turns out that black pepper really wakes up the taste buds and lemon cuts through the greasiness of fried food in a delicious way. None of that is new information, but in this context it was a revelation. It made me think about other places I’ve never used lemon when cooking that I should try.

I also got an order of perfectly done fried pickles

I didn’t have anything particular thing in mind for dinner, so I pulled up the map on my phone and just went to one of the highest rated restaurants nearby. I ended up at Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, which is apparently a small Atlanta chain. Having gorged myself on copious amounts of fried food for lunch, I decided to go for something lighter for dinner and ended up with a taco salad. It didn’t change my worldview the way the wings did, but it was still great. A good way to polish off the night.

Still counts as a salad

And that catches us up to now where I am contemplating lunch plans. Also contemplating: the format and frequency that I’ll be posting. I suspect that both will be in flux as I figure out exactly how I want to capture my wanderings. For now, expect a lot of food discussion.






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